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Plenary Lecturers


Prof.Dr. Cyril T. O’Connor – S.AFRICA
President of IMPC Council

The Global Challenges Facing The Mineral Processing Industry

Prof.Dr. Ralph J. Holmes – AUSTRALIA
Next term President of IMPC Council

World Best Practice in Sampling Mineral Commodities

Prof.Dr. Valentin Chanturiya – RUSSIA
Member of IMPC Council

Innovations in Deep and Integrated Mineral Processing in Russia

Prof.Dr. Zhenghe Xu – CHINE
Member of IMPC Council

Magnetic Separation for Bio, Energy and Environmental Applications

Prof.Dr. Jan J. Cilliers – UNITED KINGDOM
Member of IMPC Council

Design, Simulation and 3D Printing of Small Hydrocyclones

Prof.Dr. R.H. Yoon - USA
Virginia Tech

Surface and Hydrodynamic Forces Affecting Bubble-Particle Interactions: Measurement and Implications

Prof.Dr. Janusz S. Laskowski – CANADA
University of British Colombia

Key factors in the flotation of sulfide minerals in concentrated electrolytes

Prof.Dr. Kadri Dağdelen – USA
Colorado School of Mines

Gold Geo-Metallurgy and Mine Planning For Treatment of  Refractory Gold Ores in Pressure Oxidation Process

Prof.Dr. Mehmet S. Çelik –TÜRKİYE
Istanbul Technical University

How Far Can We Go in Selectively Floating – 10 µm Mineral Particles

Dr. Kari Heiskanen - FINLAND
Aalto University

Digitalization for Green- and Brownfields from a Mineral Processing Perspective